Friday, January 9, 2009


We had a cold front push through yesterday, and it dropped the temps sharply and lowered the dew point by an equal amount. We had lots of wind throughout the day, and the top of a Cherry Laurel blew out and landed on my hammock in the back yard. (I didn't know Cherry Laurels did that!) Last night was crystal clear and brightly lit by the moon (night ride on Tuesday!) and this morning paid the price for it. Clear, cool and windy on the commute ride in. My new wind breaker vest is getting a workout for sure! Nothing like a 27 lb mountain bike and a ripping headwind to make 5.5 miles feel like a metric. Hell, it was cool and windy enough that I thought about the Pearl Izumi Amfib tights that I'd sent back thinking they would be way too warm for my riding! Hey, what can I say? Floridians aren't used to stuff like this!

And we sure aren't used to stuff like...

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Steve said...

When your body is calibrated for Florida weather, what you're experiencing may as well be snow!