Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'Coon Carnage!

Well, you know I've been having cat issues at the house. I set the trap over night one night last week, and woke up to find that a baby raccoon had wandered into the trap, snacked on the tuna fish, and then after the trap sprung closed, proceeded to dance around in the crate enough to move it under the bumper of the VW, where the car cover could then be reached. You know what happened next...

Yup, the poor little bugger dragged the thing into the crate and proceeded to shred it! I can't say I blame him, as I'm sure the trap is a pretty frightening thing, but still. The little bugger would make a good chainsaw!

So you know what I had to do to him, right? Yup yup. Casserole.

Just kidding. Like the other raccoons I've nabbed during the cat management fiasco, I let him go, and he wandered off into the ferns in the backyard. (Which makes me wonder what else is in those ferns!)


Steve said...

Yikes! I've always heard it's not good to tangle with a raccoon -- I guess this is the evidence!

(Do you think raccoons could be responsible for the bloody mess you found on the car a couple of weeks ago?)

Utahdog! said...

No. I saw the cat that did that, he had blood stains on his throat.

Two of my neighbors have reported bloody messes in their carports also, one called the police thinking she'd been the target of vandalism. (Ironic that she's a cat-feeder). I think the cat in question is a prolific hunter and is butchering things on people's cars. Big things, like Squirrels and such.