Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Not all relationships are built to last, we all know that. And sometimes our relationships end in very public ways with lots of disturbing the peace and general ruckus. Well, when we were at Tsali a few weekends ago, we found this picture, of a couple on a gambling cruise (I think), that had been torn in half and left on the information kiosk at the trail head. Of course, we had to play with it and stage something ridiculous.

Our campsite neighbors for the last night were two teenage girls and their father, obviously on a weekend visitation, the result of another earlier splitsville...maybe even more ruckus-filled than the shredded picture split. The girls did a lot of whining on Saturday night about the humidity, and the tent mattress, and then whether of not they were going to get to go out to dinner to eat. To top it off, late into the night the man sat in his Subaru, engine running and AC on , listening to the Auburn football game! All the while the girls sat outside the car and complained and did lots of hair flipping. One of them had the word "Cheer" printed across her ass on her shorts. High Society, you know.

Well...we had our fodder for taunting prankster behavior, in the shredded picture of the broken-up couple...and out targets in the whiny teenagers and their self absorbed father, so before we left on Sunday, and while they were on the trail, we sprang into action....

...and staged this little still-life on their picnic table! Complete with "I hate you, you ^*%cheating loser!" type scribbling on the back of the shredded pic. I even wiped down the bottle for prints first!

Can you imagine the squawking that man had to endure on the drive back to (I'd guess) Alabama? Squealing teens in the back yammering about the split and the haggard old man trying to drive, drown out his yelping girls, and listen to the Auburn football highlights on some crap AM radio station? HA!

Actually...typing this out, it seems like a pretty dull prank on our part, but in the 11th hour of an alcohol induced fog of a weekend, it seemed pretty damn funny at the time! High Society, all of us!


Steve said...

Famous last words: "It seemed like the thing to do at the time." LOL!

Utahdog! said...

Yup Yup...and his retarded little cousin, "Hold my beer and watch this!"

Paul said...

The sad thing is that you got my wife to assist you in your endeavor.

Did Jane get her present?

Utahdog! said...

Yes she did! I'm sorry, I meant to send you a text about it. She walked around the house flashing everyone and yelling 'ribbit!' for about an hour, then she played with the box.

Paul said...

Hopefully you guys are enjoying it as much as her. We can't wait to see her.