Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yeti C-26

There's been a lot of flabber on the retro boards about Yeti C-26s lately. About how there are 11 or so around, max, and about the time and expense an enthusiast recently invested to have a C-26 recreated around a set of original carbon tubes he discovered, probably in some barn or something. They are goofy period bikes, a reach of engineering, an attempt to combine the merits of one frame material with another all in the same package. A one-off Cadex, if you will....admittedly a much, much nicer Cadex.

I've never really liked Yeti. I liked visiting Yeti when I went out west once, years ago, and visited the crew in the Bodo Drive shop...a tiny little place, pre Schwinn/Scott buyout. Like most small companies I visited in the dawn of popular mountain biking, it was a great experience. I should track down some pictures...

Locally, my experience with Yeti consisted of seeing a frame or two on the wall, waaaay back in the day, at one of the Gainesville bike shops I reviewed a few months back, Spin Cycle...then called BWA. To tall you the truth, I was more interested in the close-out Balance branded Prestige steel frames they were hocking for 75 bucks. I'm a cheap date.

Anyway...a Yeti popped up for sale recently, as they are want to do, on the web. This listing closed on the old fleabay about 2 weeks or so ago, and while the C-26 thing has been talked to death, I've still had it linked in my eBay account to follow. Call it Shock. I just can't get past the sale price.

Yup, that says 12 grand. That's what it SOLD for. For the frame alone. And it's beat.

Quite the homely looking lump of steel and plastic. (auction pic-ganking again)

Looks like JB Weld, holding the thing together. I'm sure it aint JB Weld. Nobody on fleabay would do that...yeah right.

Yeti Loop Stays. A trademark even of the wonky e-stay Yeti Ultimate.

Yetiman headtube badge. He's all the rage in the VRC world. About 2 years ago I sold a well worn and smelly Yetiman hat on eBay, for about 15 bucks. People will buy, and seemingly pay, everything and anything for the right VRC branded crap.

Anyway...hope the buyer got what he wanted. To each his own! I'm sure the dude who paid 12k for this thing is trying to figure out what sort of pinhead repaints a Yokota! All of us...keeping that vintage dream alive, baby!

That 12 grand? Could also cover the lump sum buy in for the Florida PrePaid College Plan. Just Sayin'...

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Paul said...

And we were suprised at $134 for the Kooka levers!!! That is just stupid. Who has $12k to spend on a worn out old frame.