Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sarah Palin Book Signing Interviews

For a good laugh...


Some of the best quotes...

"When you're right you don't have to compromise. Compromise is for people that are wrong!"

"The state that she did govern was right across the street from Russia."

"I don't know what she knows or what she doesn't know. I wouldn't know half the stuff that some people probably ask me."

And the best quote, and certainly the most telling... "I watch Fox News a lot!"

Wow... Just wow. Poor McCain.

Lets all just be frank here, people. If Palin didn't have such a high "MILF Quotient"...

and instead looked more like Madeline Albright!...

Then she wouldn't have ever been given her 15 minutes, let alone be in consideration for our nation's highest office. I'm not a Palin hater by any means. I have to say that I genuinely feel for her in all honesty, because I think she's been postered up by her party to represent more than I think she ever expected to become. I'm not on the bandwagon of haters that want to paint her as a blithering idiot, because I'm not sure that's very fair, but I do think that she's just not qualified for the job. She may become qualified at some point, but I'd rather that knowledge not come to her via OJT sitting in the Oval Office. One thing is for sure...the next 3 years is shaping up to be an exercise in candidate building the likes of which American politics has never seen. Get ready.
You know...Albright has some MILF hotness in that pic too, but then again I always did dig the freaky stuff...

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