Monday, April 12, 2010

Crescent Beach

You know, what with the new sneakers on the Land Rover, and me and my big butt always craving burgers and beer, the girls and I had to hit the coast before the spring break masses invaded our shores and coated all flat surfaces with vomit and spittle. The weather was clear and the temperatures were low enough to keep the tan-in-a-can set away, so we went to it!

Nice open space...a Florida Beach in cooler temperatures...never fails.

Being native Floridians, we don't mind a little toe-chiller action. Good for the soul. That and the burgers and beer that we had to walk off.

Lesson in clams. See here...dig them up and they root right back on down!

Right after we left, 14 tour buses packed with drunk kids from Ohio, and a band of Harley riding bankers and lawyers showed up to celebrate Bike Week together in a sweaty froth. OK...we didn't actually SEE them...but you know it's coming!
Welcome Summer!

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