Wednesday, April 28, 2010

city tour

The local chapter of the American Planning Association hosted a river tour of Jacksonville and we went along. Neat to see the city from a different perspective...

Northbank view from the Southbank and Friendship Fountain, where the tour started off.

Hart Bridge from below.

Mathews Bridge from below.

Unloading containers at Tallyrand Dock.

Sailing out by the Blount Island Terminal .

Broward Bridge at Dames Point. This is where we turned around and headed back into town.

Freighter on the way out.

Mathews Bridge in the foreground and Hart behind.

Downtown from the river, taken from just west of the Hart Bridge

Southbank Skyline and the three new residential towers.

Hyatt Hotel and the Northbank skyline beyond.

Alsop Main Street Bridge from below.

Not a bad looking town if I do say so come spend some money before the Baptists push all the elected officials to cut all taxes and lay us all off! We're already closing libraries and turning off the street lights. Ugh!


Steve Reed said...

I did my part -- or, more accurately, mom did it for me.

utahDOG! said...

Hey...I paid for both meals!