Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flea-action galore!

Lucky for me I'm the only person on the planet that searches for "Yokota" when he's on the fleabay. Scored a Jersey, (in another size, thanks!)

Back of said jersey.


Altek Vs, these were listed with levers a while back...and I was either A) on vacation, B) on dope, or C) on dope on vacation. OK, actually, I was just on vacation. I no puff the cheeba.

Somebody made out on the Vs...


Steve said...

A small top with extra-large shorts? THAT should be a spectacle.

Utahdog! said...

NoNo...the top I picked up is an XL. The picture was from an auction where winner choses the size.

No amount of stretchy lycra could accomodate my girth. (sounds like a porno subtitle!)