Friday, May 21, 2010


OK, I'm back from vacation, see...and while I've been waiting here to post until something a little more exciting than 4 days of commuting to work happens, this I just can't pass up.

Kooka cranks... *ugh!*

...painted in the worst abomination of a color scheme Klein ever splattered on a frame. I had a Quantum road bike back in the day that was sprayed this color, and it is truly as ugly as it looks.

So nasty. But, in case you've been struck on the head with something sharp lately, and your judgement has been severely compromised, these babies are currently on the flea. Knock your bad self out, because you will not be bidding against me.

EDIT! - and cooler heads prevail as these nasty things sell for less than $75. U-G-L-Y!

1 comment:

Steve Reed said...

Even I would say WTF to those!