Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Late October in Tsali - Part 1

Fall in North Carolina is a wonderful experience. We had not been up as a family of three in two years so we took off Thursday and Friday and drove up for a nice four day weekend of changing leaves, excited children and twisty trails.

First morning was 28 degrees and damp, but still a peaceful sight. We dusted the leaves off the car and went to River's End for breakfast and hot coffee.

There just isn't color like this in Florida, unless you're 'lucky' enough to have Virginia Creeper in your yard, and even then you have to wait until January for the temperatures to get cold enough to force the colors to change.

Leaves and Rocks. Rocks and Leaves.

And curvy roads.

I even took pictures on the trails... (that's what them smart wordy types call foreshadowing.)


Dan O said...

Nice. I do miss the East Coast fall. I grew up in New Jersey.

Utahdog! said...

Pac NW is a good change, though. You're doing just fine Dan-O. :)