Thursday, October 7, 2010

AMP rebirth

I rebuilt the AMP F1 fork that I got off the flea a few weeks back. This is for the white EWR, which I think I am going to build into my woods attack bike, with a frisky low travel suspension fork and gears... much like it was built when I used it as my primary bike. At least that's the plan. The reality is that I will probably hang it from the ceiling with the other bazillion bikes I own and look at it with my right hand in my pocket and my left hand holding a beer.

Rim brakes only. Too old for discs.

Old girl cleaned up well. Somebody had drawn silly faces all over it, and they used some kind of doughy children's paint to do it. Poor thing endured that indignity though, and now its back for more!

Bottom out elastomer and retention hardware is missing though...anybody got a spare?


Anonymous said...

Would that be the pocket that has the bottom cut out of it??

utahDOG! said...

Yup. With the bolt hole.