Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Out-Door-Bike, and a sprinkle of Retrotech!

Wonkiness Incorporated here at One Utahdog Center, World Congress of the Americas. We gots a little bike stuff for sale, and the IT department, located in the hallowed halls of the rat infested basement (where IT Techs belong, I mean lets face it, people) has selected another item for the big eBay clean-out. Rumor has it they are hoping to raise money enough to buy cadaver meat for their annual department cookout. IT freaks do wacky shit like that.

Syquest Sparq drive, external 1GB cartridge hard drive system. Does anybody even REMEMBER these weird things? Well, if you have a CNC machine, then yes, you probably remember these suckers, and you may actually want to buy mine. Fully functional, so act now!

Race Face 110 BCD chain ring guard, bash ring. Clean and kooky.

And an Avid BB7 160mm disc brake. Reasonably fresh pads, so buy now an save. We need more cadaver meat!

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