Monday, April 18, 2011

Techno Blast from the Past!

Yestertech! For sale on the flea....CHEAP!
Palm III - circa what...1997!?

And a Zire 31, *yawn*. I hear kids are reprogramming these things to be used as smart remotes and other stuff, utilizing the infrared transmitting capabilities. As long as it leaves my house, I don't care what they do with it. You could bake it down to a fine white powder and shovel it into your head for all I care.


Goats Love Old PDA's said...

Palm III....Yowza that's an antique


utahDOG! said...

PDAs ROCK! I'm still sitting on my Handspring Visor Edge, sweating if I'm going to sell that one or not. Such cool little bits, yet so useless in a day when your phone can regenerate a severed limb, make coffee and control a nuclear reactor all at the same time.