Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Robinson Project - Part 3

So that's it right? Time to swap parts and get the girl riding on a bike that weighs less than she does. She's already ripping along on the Surfer Girl in the sand on the roadside yelling "I'm like a biker in the woods, I'm like a biker in the woods!" So I'm pretty sure she's motivated! (I almost typed 'stoked' there, but I wussed out)

So last week I'm on the couch clickety clickin' on eBay again, doing my usual search for Altek brake levers and SDG Kevlar saddles, and I decide to run the BMX searches again. Dyno VFR, Dyno Nitro, Robinson SST.


Robinson SST for sale. Again, with a BIN price of $20!


Now I own TWO chrome BMX frames!

More to come! Stay tuned as we take useful purple bits from the whore-in-training branded Hannah Montana Huffy and build up a suitable shiny silver and purple bike for a sweet little girl who will, I'm sure, love to bike with her old man. I can only hope!

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