Friday, December 9, 2011

The Robinson Project - Part 2

I worked at a shop back in the early-mid 1990's that specialized in BMX goodies. I was never a BMX dood myself, but we sold and serviced hundred of Dyno's, GT's and other brands from back in the day. Nicely made 4130 cro-mo frames much lighter than the department store Bicycle Shaped Objects that most kids rode. They were business built machines, always with full chrome finished frames. Most of all though, they were fun as hell to ride.

Seeing the video reminded me of all of that, and an Idea was born.

I need a Dyno VFR. Even better, I need a Robinson SST.

I needed to get on eBay! So on eBay I went!

First pass, I popped in on a Dyno VFR from the mid 1990's. Chrome frame and fork. Cantilever rear brake ready and already fitted with a headset. BIN price, 20 bucks plus shipping! Woot!

A few clicks later and its on the way to the gleaming towers of One Utahdog Center, World Congress of the Americas!

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