Friday, April 20, 2012

Dirty Filter Heaven

So here's the fuel line bits from under the car.

The line and bulb filter from right off the tank tap. That line is hard as a rock, and as you can see from the new filter on the right, you should at least be able to see through the filter.

And here is the old tank tap and sock filter. The tank tap was falling apart under the wrench, and I wondered if I'd be able to get it out without doing something drastic to the thing. Patience prevailed though, and I got it threaded out in one piece. The sock filter, again, should be something that you can at least see light through. This sock was so dirty, that even though I thought I'd drained all the gas from the tank, when I pulled out the sock I got a flood of fuel that I had to hustle to catch. The goo was holding in another 2 gallons of fuel or so. What a mess. The sock squeezed out black goo when you grabbed it to pull it out of the tank. Only after I dropped it in the catch basin with the fuel gushing out did it 'clean up' to this state. Yuck.

I don't remember the bug having this style fuel tap at all and yet it was only 5 years newer. I wonder what is under that tank?


Travis Perich said...

The old bus is loving the attention.
Funny how some cars can stay on the road with no maintenance,
and some need to be babied even when almost new.

Do you have that old book,
"how to keep your vw alive"?
Damn book changed my life!



utahDOG! said...

Ah, yeas. The How to Keep alive book was one of the first things I picked up when I got the 71 convertible in 1989. A great book, and like Zen and Motorcycle, almost as valuable as literature as how-to.

I did not expect the two filters to be that nasty. There is always a surprise.