Wednesday, April 4, 2012

VW Bus - Luggage Area - Part 1

Lots of great parts with this bus, and since the original owner has had it for so long, and has had a thing for VW's for so long, the parts that are with it are in many cases, original German, (or as the VW freaks call it, OG.

Like this rebuild kit for the original German fuel pump that I used when I went through the pump.

What a great box...

...and on the bottom.

Still, there is a lot of use in this bus, and as I mentioned before, a lot of the use wasn't glamorous. I can remember as a kid that the luggage shelf was a place you didn't store luggage. It was a place where the tool box and the fuel door church key rode. A place for the gas can and the dog's leashes and the spare oil and generator belts.

It looks like a place for oily stuff too.

That is original German right there. 40 plus years of original German covered with 40 plus years of original American goop. Note the scratches on the sill at the bottom of the picture. Large heavy things were dragged in and out of this bus over many many years.

The gooey jack. If it looks like it is sitting in a puddle its because it is sitting in a puddle. A puddle of 20W50.

Rear corner panels have seen better days too. The original headliner material has shrunken in the Florida heat, and attempts to glue the material back in place have run their course.

Same for the other side. There's good bones here, and along with tidying up the mechanicals, I'll be tidying up back here as well. Stay tuned!


Dan O said...

Cool bus project. I'm digging the updates...

Steve Reed said...

I love the box! Dad wasn't the original owner of this van, though, was he? I thought he bought it used.

utahDOG! said...

He was not. He got it nine years into it's life.

utahDOG! said...

He was not. He got it nine years into it's life.