Thursday, April 5, 2012

VW Bus - Luggage Area - Part 3

Finished luggage area. No more oily goop here!

Corner panels recovered in original headliner material, lower cargo panels refinished in 'putty' beige (with the original vinyl piping preserved, shown here in a weathered brown between the upper and lower panels), and loop pile, rubber backed carpet courtesy of Lowe's, cut to fit.

Wine crate does duty as a carrier for the vitals fluids, tools and bits.

The jail bars and the putty panels and recovered corners meet nicely in a blend of original and new.

Overall, a marked improvement. It seems like a little thing, and I know it is all superficial, but I can tell you... Nothing put my wife's mind at ease about driving in the VW Bug like having the VW Bug as clean as I could keep it. Any concerns she may (or may not!) have with this bus, I'm out to put an end to ASAP.

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