Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sundek on the FLEA!

Deep down in my itchy sensitive bits, I secretly have the need to search fleabay for wonky 80's clothing similar to the tacky crap I wore back in the day.  Imagine my happiness when my search for 'Sundek' returned a hit!  Woot!

When I was a kid, I had a pair of white Sundek swim trunks with an orange rainbow.  They were made from a parachute like sail type material that had the unfortunate characteristic of becoming essentially transparent when they got wet. I had to stop wearing them when I reached a certain age because it was, er... very obvious they became transparent when they got wet.  I'm not really sure why Sundek only made trunks for children or for shaved surfers.  There's probably a very uncomfortable and disturbing statement on 1980's culture in there somewhere...

These were even my size.  I did not buy them.  I am not going to engage in the necessary grooming required to wear these beasts, and I'm not going to risk incarceration when I don't.  Besides, nobody wants to have front row tickets to THAT show.

Even as functionally useless as they are these sexy champs closed at nearly 60 bucks!  Lesson learned.  I will never again donate my old clothes.

Pure Awesomeness!


Steve Reed said...

You know, just a few weeks ago I looked up some Sundek trunks on eBay too! I forget what prompted me to do that -- I think I saw a picture of someone wearing them. They must be coming back in style. I did like them. (Mine were blue, and hence less revealing!) I didn't buy them, though. When would I ever wear them, after all?!

Dan O said...

'80s shorts were a little, uh, short...

I sported many a pair of OP shorts back in the day, that were, uh, comically short compared to modern stuff.

Anonymous said...

I love old shorts like that because they are shorter than what is in fashion now. Of course at 5'-4", shorts that are in fashion now look like capris on me. I used to have OP and Sundek shorts too.

Travis Perich said...

That's funny chit.
I had some white trunks way back when.
They were fine when dry,
They disappeared one day,
after some beach time with a then girlfriend,
swapped for a green pair of
"Birdwell Beach Britches".
Some of the best trunks around.

utahDOG! said...

Birdwell's. Pure Awesomeness.