Thursday, May 17, 2012

2012 Hammerhead 100 - Santos

I was insane enough to sign up for the 50 mile route in this years Hammerhead 100.  What was I thinking?!  Oh yeah, I was thinking I'd be doing the 2012 ORAMM and that I'd be a svelte beast by this time.

I am not svelte.

That is me not being svelte, hoisting the two finger salute for the camera.  I did 35 miles in the heat before I DNF'd.  I can't get motivated on a course that requires laps.  This event featured a 25 mile course, which means you finish the first 25 and then hang around and watch everyone eat free BBQ and drink free beer, and then you are supposed to be motivated to go back out into the heat of the day for another 25.

I made it only 5 out, total of 10 more, before the promise of free booze got the best of me.


Dan O said...

35 dirt miles in the heat ain't too shabby.

I have a 24 hour race on the horizon that I continue to kid myself that I'm ready for...

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. I bailed at 12 hours of Tsali after just 6 hours and 6 laps. I went out too hard on the first two laps and it was my downfall. The rain on lap six didn't help.