Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shed 2.0 - Part 1

New house means new shed! The last shed needed to serve as storage and also as workspace so it needed to be more than you typical garden shed and more secure. The new shed will be 6'x8' compared to the 10x12 of the last.

while building the fence on the left, 2009
inside in 2008
solar in 2010
The new house has a garage, and unless it is associated with tools and cars and bikes, I'd like to get junk out of there.  The intention when we bought the house was to build a simple garden shed, so off we go...

Setting the piers

Framed the floor.

New goodies for the build. This little sucker is a beast.

Wood for framing delivered.

3/4" decking down and screwed.

Cut to fit.

Nice tight joints.

Next we go vertical.


Goats Love Sheds said...

are those neat pier things actually fixed to the ground?

utahDOG! said...

No they don't attach to the ground. They just rest on the ground. In my case, I dug away the soft loamy soil to solid earth, then tamped the soil to compact it, then filled to the level of the surrounding ground with gravel. The piers rest on that. They are called Handi-Bloks.

Goats Love Sheds said...

So you guys don't get much wind in FL then?

Wouldn't a good storm rock that guy off the Handi-Bloks?