Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Harbor Freight tool cart

I've identified a problem. My tools are in the front of the garage in a big honking toolbox, and the engines are in the back of the VWs. If I need something, I have to walk back and forth and back and forth.  PITA. So I figured I'd get a tool cart. I love these little dudes...

Only a grand. (!)

When I win the lottery I'll snag me a Hazet Assistent, but until then....Harbor Freight!

So armed with my snappy little 400% off coupon, I popped on over to the center of Chinese culture in America and...

$280 discounted to $99 aint bad. And the box is very well made for the money and nicely finished. Comparable to the upper end Craftsman boxes I have anyway.

While I was at HF I used another coupon on a set of screwdrivers for free. My god do they suck.

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