Thursday, October 9, 2008

Curious George and the Bathroom Break!

The walls of the bathroom are finished, and I've spent the last three evenings priming and painting. They look pretty good, especially considering I have no formal experience in the art of drywall! Thanks to my friend Travis, it will look pretty good, I think, when finished. There are some spots that look a little rookie. I forgot to sand one spot where I buttered a screw head. The seam on the ceiling where it butts against the old ceiling isn't perfect, and I did a bad job of ensuring that the screw heads are all filled with mud, so every once in a while you see a small little pit. I think I can fill those a bit before final paint and that will fix it up, but otherwise I'm calling this project done. I have to remind myself that I'm not a pro, that this is a DIY project, and that I'm risking making it worse by monkeying with it.

Speaking of Monkeys...the baby has a new favorite book...Curious George and the Dinosaur. Funny kid.

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