Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Flea-Haul

Three bits this weekend. OK, Multiple numbers of two of these buys, but hey...ya gotta get spares!

Tioga brake tamers. These slimy little lever pads are made from the same gooey rubber as Tioga's Bio Grips. Good addition to vintage levers like Shimano 2 fingers, or Ritchey Logics.

27.0 XTR post. Yosemite bound.

Scully Bar Wrap from Profile. Nothing says "Ass Hole" like Profile Scully wrap. I picked up those Scott AT-4 bars a while back, and the wrap is for those. Nothing says "Ass Hole" like Scott AT-4 bars. The bars and the wrap are headed for the GT Avalanche frame I picked up off the fleabay last year. Nothing says "Ass Hole" like a GT.
See...there is a pattern to the madness after all!

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