Monday, July 12, 2010

Greenville Zoo

When we went to Greenville to hang with the cronies up there, we dropped in on the Greenville Zoo. It was a funny little zoo, with good sized exhibits to alleviate your guilt about paying money to see great wild animals stuck in South Carolina. It was a hot day though, so many of the critters were huddled in the shade.

Like this poor critter. She was about to burst into flames it was so hot. Huddled in the shade did allow for me to snap a nice close-up picture though. The zoo was good for close-ups.

They also had a farm animal exhibit that provided for some up close and personal experiences with Goats!.. I dig goats.

Chickens too. I dig chickens. Only I would go to the zoo and spend most of my time with domesticated farm animals.
On an unrelated note... Happy Birthday Mom!


Anonymous said...

goats are wonderful happy animals

Steve Reed said...

Goats have such weird eyes.