Friday, August 5, 2011

Early AMP fork

Funky early AMP fork on the flea a while back. I've been trapped under an old Chevy Nova out in my carport in front of my trailer for the past two weeks, so sorry for the no update thing. Good news, though...I'm much thinner now!

Linkage is familiar.

But the crown is not squared off, rather more unicrown-ish. Neat.

Upskirt shot.

Welded cantilever hanger.

Fleabay. It aint just for breakfast anymore.


Dan O said...

I've never ridden an AMP fork. I get the impression of less then 2" of stiff travel. True?

Paul said...

If only that iso disc tabs.

Goats Like Cars Too said...

Bike stuff is cool but P-L-E-A-S-E post up some pix of your Nova :-)

Cusco Travel Services said...


What AMP stuff, if any, do you still have for sale?

Thanks, Michael