Saturday, November 19, 2011

Santos in October

Rolled into Santos on Halloween weekend to do the unofficial Ride of the Living Dead. We didn't get too far, as my riding partner pooped out about 15 miles in, so it was a stretch to get to 30 much less 50+ miles. Oh well, everyone has a crappy day on the bike now and then.

Entering Christmas yellow alternate from the new Ross Prairie trail head trail.

Lots of flowy pine needled trails in Santos. Its a hoot!

I was on the Phoenix.

Open fields near the mid point trail head.

Not all marked trails get full maintenance it seems. This one is over run with black berries and prickly pear cactus.

I posted a while back about "Scrub Restoration" at Santos, and here is the result. Apparently 'scrub restoration is a euphemism for rape and log the woods.

Random reinforced concrete in search of a well meaning artificial reef program perhaps?

30 miles isn't as far as I'd wanted, but hey, everyone has a bad day on the bike now and then.


Dan O said...

Nice looking trails...

Steve Reed said...

When I was bike riding, I was pretty impressed with myself if I made it 30 miles! Those DO look like nice woodsy trails...