Tuesday, February 21, 2012

12 Hours of Santos - 2012

This past Saturday I competed as part of a four man team in the 12 Hours of Santos mountain bike race in Ocala. It was a great time. I was sporting the Turner, which surprised me right before the first lap by almost barfing up a pivot bolt in the rear suspension. EEK!

Here I am churning my way to one of the slowest lap times recorded all day!

Dropping in after the transition zone, starting the second slowest lap time of the day.

Standing around with my back to the camera, wondering in a fog what the hell I'd gotten myself into!

This was the first competitive event I'd been involved with since about 1992 or so. It was fun! I think I could get used to this, assuming the rest of my team gets used to my slow lap times! The Turner worked flawlessly, after a quick going over to ensure all pieces were in place and accounted for.

First lap, 56.9 min
Second lap, 58.1 min
Third lap, 66.9 min (night)

35th place out of 41 teams.


Dan O said...

Awesome! As a fellow slow poke, racing is more then just about winning. Just doing it, being part of the scene, and pushing yourself. That's all you need.

utahDOG! said...

It was a good time. I'd do it again without reservation.

Paul said...

It is all about winning andpushing yourself until you puke. You better train hard for ORAMM. I am going to make you puke. But not on me.