Friday, September 7, 2012

The 1%'ers - or, "when I have all the money in the world, who will buy my crap?"

Not to be confused with "Ambition" and "Success",


and "Gluttony"...

are characters and characteristics best left to the pages of crappy anime graphic novels and comic books.

Unfortunately in real life Greed and Gluttony look like this:

So what we do is use animal traps to capture poor urban children and then we send them into these big holes that their parents are forced to dig with their bare hands for $2 a day.  Then we play a really fun game called, "Bring the coal to the surface lump by lump and get a rotten potato for dinner!"

Barry Switzer, (not Jim Hightower, or Ann Richards, or even Molly Ivins), one time college and pro football coach, once said of people too self absorbed with their own wallets and family standing to recognize the inherent advantage afforded to them by their wealth and nepotism, "Some people are born on third base and think they've hit a triple."  

Don't make the mistake, Ms. Rinehart, of thinking that because you are standing on third base that you have hit a triple.  You were born there.  That isn't success in business that is luck in genetics. Keep the misguided lectures about personal responsibility to yourself please, or at least have the decency to leave the 'pro business at all costs' rhetoric to people 'clever' enough to make up their own words.

As long as the American People are worried about stupid crap like abortion rights and "family values", they'll never notice we are bleeding them dry.  Then we can move our swindled riches to a private island off the coast of Costa Rica and live like gods.  Of course, under funding public education will help us dumb down the masses just long enough to pull off our little scheme...

Of course Mr. Switzer, who coached the Dallas Cowboys and was compensated in the millions by billionaire oil man Jerry Jones, was fired in disgrace after trying to take a loaded handgun on a commercial airplane.  That just makes him a good Second Amendment luvin' American though, and the millions paid to him to bark orders on a football field at other overpaid professional sports figures didn't get him, or his players for that matter, into the rarified air of the 1% club.  That's right.  Even coaching pro football for millions a year isn't pulling up the bootstraps far enough to get you into the truly elite club of the rich that are calling the shots in today's political and social discussion.


There is an election in November that is in no small part directly influenced by the attempt to protect the greed and gluttony of the 1%'ers.  Vote accordingly unless you were born with gilded bootstraps already tied up high and tight, because if it all goes sideways you won't likely be afforded the opportunity to pull them up on your own any longer.

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Steve Reed said...

Thumbs up!

The funny thing about greed and gluttony -- the more people already have, the more they want. And the more they feel like they're separate from everybody else, that their lives stand alone. All of which is falsehood.