Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen

I ordered the "Birth Certificate" for my bus from the VW affiliate museum in Germany.  They keep a manual index card based inventory of all VWs manufactured to date, and by sending in the VIN number for your car, you can request the manufacturers records on file showing information such as equipment and original color.  I already knew what the "M-Codes" for the car were as they are posted on the M-Plate behind the driver seat, separate from the VIN Plate which is on the overhead airbox, passenger side.  I also already had the day of manufacture from the M-Plate, and below the M-Plate the original paper color sticker for the bus is still there too, so I knew the original color as well.  Also, the import code on the M-Plate for the bus shows the US as country of destination, with Philadelphia/Baltimore as entry port.

So long story short, I knew the info on the Certificate before ordering it, but what I wanted was the confirmation that I was right, and that there were no other tidbits available from the car's original manufacture card on file with VW.  Also, the idea of having a car's "Birth Certificate" is neat too.

So there it is.  M-Codes for Seat Belt Mounting Points (M-025), Six pop-out side windows (M-114), Sunroof delete (M-130), and Standard US Market Equipment (M-425).  Original color was Pearl White over Velvet Green, and that would have the Platinum interior trim.  The old girl launched on the line at the Hanover VW plant on the 28th of June, 1966.


Steve Reed said...

It's cool that you can get that level of detail. And who but the Germans would maintain such specific information of every single car they made? Amazing.

That bus is just a few months older than I am! Funny that it was rolling off the assembly line in Germany just as George Gool was building our house in Land O Lakes!

utahDOG! said...

It is funny to think of it as an old car and then to remember that it and I are very similar in age. Usually my feet and back start to hurt shortly after the realization...