Thursday, June 13, 2013

Inventory - '64 Bug

So what are we looking at here?    Well this is a 1964 Bug, with the original 40 horsepower engine.  From looking at the notes on the car it would seem that it has been resprayed, had the clutch replaced, seats recovered, and carpet replaced, and otherwise it is original I think.  

Solex 28 PICT 1 carb.

Engine view, wide angle.  That is a Brosal Brazillian made fuel pump on there, but it is a rebuildable unit like the Pierburg's.  I have another Pierburg so I'll freshen that one up and then rebuild the Brosal for a spare.

Under the dash.  This is the upskirt shot.  Most of this would be behind the black panel you see in the foreground.  

Awesome original door panels.  Oxide Red.  I really like Oxide Red interiors.  And with the Pearl White exterior, it has to be one of the best color combos.

Da seats.

Birdsong!  I can call off the dogs looking for a plate frame, or I could have, until I remembered that I have one of these frames now and two VW's!

Spare.  No washer bottle.

Speedo.  (1)56071 miles.


Steve Reed said...

Cool. I do like that color combination. You're soon going to need a bigger garage like someone else we both know!

I wonder if it could be (2)56,071 miles?

Travis Perich said...

Nice bug!
Get a propane carb kit and you'll be the coolest eco-friendly family east of the mississippi!

Paul said...

Why did you sell the one you had if you were just going to buy another? Does it replace the Fit?