Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bug cleaned up, insured and on the road!

Finally - almost - done.

Temporary pressure gauge in this pic.

Temporary plasti-bomb filter in this pic.

Seats cleaned

Door panels cleaned.  I sort of dig the patina on the dash and doors though.  Looks loved.

Fresh pic, from Aug 21.

And another from Aug 21.

This set represents the final pictures as submitted to insurance.  Some of these have been posted and some are fresh. Either way, this is what is rolling around Northeast Florida right now with a crazy bald man (second generation crazy bald man!) behind the wheel.


Dan O said...

Very cool. Great looking Beetle.

I have a hankering for a vintage VW myself, though would need to be very modified. Super Beetle - basically in play race mode for street use: Lowered, stripped interior, roll cage, race seats, 100+ HP motor, etc. Stupid, but fun.

I owned a '68 Bug and '73 Thing in the '80s. Both dead stock.

Check out this Bug - fantastic...

Steve Reed said...

Looking good!