Friday, February 7, 2014

Something for your bum?

Carbon Fiber Flite 'Evolution' saddle?  "OUCH" I hear you say?  That is because your a$$ is just not hard enough.

Ouch.  It just looks like ouch.  In the dictionary under 'ouch' is a picture of this thing.


Homegrown branded Selle San Marco Strada.  Awesome.  No ouch.

And a Selle San Marco Bontrager saddle with Manganese rails.  NOT Magnesium, so please don't shave off filing from your saddle rails and try to light them on fire if you get lost on a ride as Manganese won't burn like magnesium will, thank you very much.  What the hell is Manganese I hear you say?  Well... Manganese is a fancy way of saying 'steel'.  Without getting too technical, it is a blended steel.  So is 'Vanadium'.  Back in the 90's when all the rich kids started buying titanium railed saddles (that actually said 'titanium' on the rails), all the poor kids wanted something fancy printed on their saddle rails too, so Vanadium and Manganese came into being as a saddle rail type, but in the end, it is just good old steel.  Maybe tubular hollow rails in steel, but still just steel.

Your bum won't know the difference.

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Paul said...

My ahhsis so hahd!