Friday, June 13, 2014

Missed Opportunity? A QUIZ!

Cruising the flea leads to quizicularistic behavior.... So here's a little quiz...

1) - Snappy old blue ano Zaskar for $two-fitty.  I had a purple one once, and it would be sort of neat to hang another purple from the rafters, but:...

-----A----- I'm trying to purge my own stash of weirdness. and also, this one is blue, dumbass.
-----B----- Somebody else already determined that this frame warranted purging from a stash of weirdness.
-----C----- Adding some mystery person's purged weirdness to my stash of purged weirdness is weird. 
-----D----- All of the above.
-----E----- Bacon.

This green 1.125 threadless steerer-tubed Cannondale Pepperoni fork went for a shockingly low $9.99, strange because...

-----A----- 1.125 is an odd duck size for Pepperoni forks, usually found in 1" threaded or in 1.25" dia.
-----B----- Most, if not all, of Cannondale's forks have already broken in two.
-----C----- Everybody likes Pepperoni, especially in a nice Calzone.
-----D----- All of the above.
-----E----- Bacon.

The correct answer for both questions is 'E'.  

1 comment:

Steve Reed said...

I'm glad you supplied the answer, but personally I would have opted for D. (Which would have been a guess, admittedly.)