Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mo Motoring Fleas

The  weirdness continues to sell on the flea. Recently this Scandinavian beauty, complete with all 4 original Inca wheels and the original goofy decals sold for $6000.


And this old beat tasty morsel, said by seller to have been parked for 15 years, sold for the low low price of $1050. Quattro!


Picks ganked from the flea. Buy now and save, the place is full of 80's dreams!

Recently the flea announced their intention to return somewhat to their roots as a place where the weird and rare can be found and purchased by the old and crazy. Good for the weird and rare, good for the flea and good for the old and crazy (me!) A hat-trick of win!

1 comment:

Steve Reed said...

Oh, brother. I remember cars like that. I'm glad you're just browsing pictures and not buying them! (Or are you?!)