Monday, November 30, 2015

Tsali - October 2015

Met the fellas at Tsali just a bit ago and hit the usual haunts...

Dessert at the NOC. Some sort of frozen yogurt ball with healthy granola all over it, slathered with caramel, chocolate sauce and lard.

Eggs, PCs, bacon and cheese/butter/lard grits. Once upon a time you could buy food that was reasonably good for you at the NOC, now the fat Harley riders have taken over the place and the food has been altered to accommodate the sedentary.


Grape tree.

Paul, Caroline and Matt.

And I love you too.

Took the ol' smelly beast a toy. 

Tsali campground shots. They are finally spending money here. New picnic tables and fire pits. They still need to renew the crushed decomposed granite base for the tent pads though.

The old bathrooms have been completely redone too, with new crappers and showers and hot water.

Picturesque spot #1


Until next time.

1 comment:

Steve Reed said...

Harley riders at the NOC? I had no idea. Did I tell you one of my Peace Corps friends worked there for years doing publicity? Not sure he's still there, but he may be responsible for attracting all those Harley riders. :)

Glad you brought a toy for Utes.