Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Day!

The Hayden Burns Downtown Library in Jacksonville looks to have a future after much positive and negative speculation. Mixed use redevelopment with a urban market is the plan. Looks promising...The glazed brickwork is from the east wall of the library facing Ocean Street.
Rode the Beast to work again yesterday...the tires on that thing are the el-cheapo CSTs from the Rush and they are barely round....junk!
Spent the morning in Disaster mitigation planning meetings and let me tell you...I am packing my stuff early and heading out if a Katrina type animal is heading my way, thank you very much!
Last night I took the VW out for a cruise around and the turn signals are doing funny things again...the joys of a 40 year old car! I love the thing but frustration is just a scuff below the surface at all times!
My brother has a theory that he can post the name of an obscure actress from long ago and it will drum up traffic for his blog. I'm not much of a Tina Louise fan, and I bet it aint a successful tactic for him. I mean really, what good does it do to just randomly plunk down the name of a second rate celebrity in your blog for no reason? What would Kim Kardashian say about such a dopey scheme?
ADD post! Over and out!


Steve said...

You should put a sitemeter on your blog, and it will tell you how many hits you get and where they come from. Then you will see that my Tina Louise theory is absolutely TRUE! (Though actually it would be better to name a random different celebrity every day than naming the same one each day - you'd harvest a lot more hits that way.)

Who's Kim Kardashian, anyway?

I'm so glad they're doing something with that library.

I added you to my links, BTW.

Utahdog said...

Kardashian is a pseudo celeb by way of her famous, and deceased father, and apparently her large butt. Think Paris Hilton after food.

go figure.