Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Progress on the House!

One of my friends, Travis, stopped by with his mad set of tools and the two of us tore down my porch! The previous owner had built the porch such that the water draining from the dining room off the back of the house would be damned by the header for the porch roof where it attached at the fascia. Yeah, that's right...rather than step down from the roof to the porch, my house stepped UP! Water no drainy up hill.

SO...we pulled out the reciprocating saw and a circular saw, and beat the decking from below and freed it from the joists. Then we chopped the decking into manageable chunks, and pitched the pieces off the roof into the backyard. I now have big piles of construction debris in my side yard, and as this is the start of about two months worth of projects to get the house up to snuff, it won't be the last pile of construction debris either!



Steve Reed said...

Oh my. That sounds scary.

utahDOG! said...

scary is fun!

Steve Reed said...

Actually, it looks less scary than it sounds.