Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The Southeast Region Users Group for ESRI software product users is in town this week so my new blogging activity will be limited. On Thursday I'll be off to North Carolina for a bike trip with the fellas. There ain't going to be lot of activity on this sucker for a while...poor Kim Kardashian!

If anyone other than a software guy cares...




Sitting in the conference reminds me a lot of the things I thought I could bring to planning when I started out in my career. I had visions of introducing an older generation to a modern tool, and providing a more analytical approach to decision making that would help us all make our town a better place to be. I never wanted to make the planning decision, I only wanted to help make the decision more relevant. Now, after 10 years on the job, I wonder if I'm able to measure even the least little bit of success, as I still don't see much of a pattern of thought to our decision making process. Walking back from the conference, I spent a moment reflecting on what it is that I want to accomplish for myself personally, and determined that I'm too concerned with my employer's actions and not enough with my own professional development.

Translation, I need to pay my own brain with knowledge and not worry about if my employer chooses to benefit fully from it. So now I am going to try to take the momentum I'm gaining from the conference and build it into a strategy for my next 5-10 years. Somethings got to get better, because I'm not getting any younger!


Steve Reed said...

Long-range goals are overrated.

utahDOG! said...

what sort of non-protestant, non-pro-world-dominating rot is that!

I mean come on...man and his dominion and all...get with the program!