Wednesday, February 25, 2009

eBay Search: "Karakoram"

Result: Bleak! - Item number: 150327723179

That's right. In my never ending quest to add some much needed steel to my bike quiver, and with little success in pulling in auctions for good stuff like Brodie Expressos or even a decent GT Psyclone, I've been reduced to searching for the Karakoram. Would I buy a Karakoram? No. But searching for a Karakoram at least makes me feel like I'm working toward getting some decent steel...

Here's what you find...

Purple doesn't bug me. Used doesn't bug me. Hell, even scratched nearly beyond recognition and slathered in surface rust and skate punk stickers doesn't bug me...but $125 plus nearly 40 bucks to ship? What?

Auction comes with an Indy fork, a Judy box I guess, and by the looks of the picture, one yellow zip-tie and a scroungy white picnic table to boot! (maybe the reason for the high shipping costs?)

Paul Turner showed up at the Sports Garage in 1996 with an early production Indy XC just like the one in this auction, and we installed it on my white EWR for a week or two. Ugh. The thing was a noodle, bouncy feeling with no damper, and nearly worthless . I'd pay the seller to keep the Indy and lower my shipping. I might like that zip tie though...

Granted the gent running the auction has some pristine feedback, but I still wonder what this auction is all about...and what people are thinking when they list stuff on the old fleabay.

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