Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am a brewmaster!

OK, not exactly, but I can, in fact, assemble a canned pre-processed beer system, in the comfort of my own home! Recall, the first recipe is "Cowboy Lager", which is a very unfortunate name for any beer. The stuff is supposed to be a Bud type clone. Know what? It is! I figured that when I sampled the beer on its way out of the fermenter into bottles for secondary fermenting, carbonating and conditioning and it tasted like warm flat Bud, that I was well on my way to beer assembly success. Now, after having cracked the first sample bottle, which spent two+ weeks in the bottle and then 2 days by its lonesome in the fridge, I can say for certain 2 things.

First, Mr Beer works and works pretty well for what it is. I'm not so sure you can call it "home brewing" if everything comes essentially pre-measured and only requires assembly and time to brew. The second recipe, which is the 2 extract can Octoberfest, to which I added a half cup of honey to the wort to 'customize', will be a more extensive test for Mr Beer as home brewing.

Second, Budweiser is full of crap. If that beer takes as much effort for them to 'craft' as they say it does, then mark my words, the brewing industry will be the next in line for federal bailout cash. If a bald cranky bastard like me can make a Bud clone in the kitchen sink, then they need to really look at streamlining their brewing methods, because their investment certainly doesn't measure up to the final product.

Bone Appetite! (as we say here in the Ponzi State!)

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