Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hannah Park, Mental Health Day #2

Friday, I took the second of my two mental health days this week. With Big Moma at work and Baby in school, it was time for a nice quiet ride in the woods, just me and a 15 year old EWR. I realized as I was getting ready to leave the house, that I'd never taken any pictures out at Hannah.

Its a neat park in its own way... very typical of most of the Florida trails available to off-road cyclists, as you spend a lot of time essentially riding in circles in a park where the overall size of the land available isn't directly related to the myriad of trails which essentially double back and forth to give the illusion of riding great distances when in reality, you haven't gone far at all, at least as the crow flies.

Of course, the EWR sports my Altek levers. Yummy.

Lots of roots and technical trails, with a few bridge crossings to complete the experience.

Tight through the trees, whatch your handlebars!
Again, Hannah is a fun park, especially since it's only maybe 35 minutes from my front door, but unlike parks such as Santos, I'd never ask any of my out of state friends to travel to Jax to ride Hannah. Hey, maybe that's why they never want to vist me!

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Steve Reed said...

Oh, I missed this entry somehow. This looks like a great place!