Monday, March 30, 2009

Back at it!

Spent the last week in Transportation Modeling training in Orlando. That's where we sit in front of a complicated piece of computer generated wizardry and try to make sense out of the blinding obviousness of where we, as planners here in the great state of Florida, went wrong, and of maybe how to fix it.
Here's where we went wrong...we permit everything and anything that a developer proposes!

Here's how to fix it...stop permitting anything and everything a developer proposes!

Seems simple enough...see if they'd asked me in advance, we could have saved millions of taxpayer dollars that instead was squandered on computer generated wizardry! HA!

On a lighter note...I picked up a set of levers for the Klein. These suckers are the cantilever only models from Real, they should work nicely, and they are in fine shape, to match my 'in fine shape' Klein. Getting there!


Steve said...

They should put you in charge of the budget!

Anonymous said...

I love how Greenville County recommends that a developer build turn lanes but their regs don't allow them to require it. Change the regs!

Utahdog! said...

Development Regulation and Planning in the South is bloated with unnecessary fat...all sorts of nonsensical regulations and State agencies which have to be negotiated, all because there isn't the political will to actually tell someone who owns a farm that the best highest use for their farm a FARM! You bought a farm, worked a farm, lived off the farm, you own a farm. Owning a farm doesn't automatically entitle you to 3 residential units an acre the moment you decide to not grow onions.