Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Take back the jargon! and MORE BEER!



These are just two of the myriad of quips and slang terms in modern lexicon that have taken a very rotten turn for the worst.

First off, "Twitter" as I'm sure at least 3% of bored teenagers are aware, is basically an exercise in self promotion gone horribly wrong, now bordering on techno-masturbation. Basically, it allows you to post updates on the mundanity (mundane-ness? mundanitude?) of your daily life to everyone and their cousin. Even Lance Armstrong, David Zabriskie and other cyclists are Twitter-Twits. Shouldn't they be training? And no, Twitting? (Tweeting?) isn't forgiven behavior for athletes just because their tweets say crap like, "Went for a Energy Blast Shake at Smoothie King", or "Just finished with the Pilates balance ball, moving on to my massage." Even remotely germane little factoids like that are still nothing more than worthless arrogance run amok. Athletes, save yourself some time. Copy this sentence into your tweeter-compatible machine of choice, and set it to auto-paste and transmit every hour on the hour. "Work out, massage, shower, repeat."

"Woot" is even more painful.

From the Urban Dictionary...WOOT 1) An interjection similar to "YAYE!" or "Woohoo!" used to express joy or excitement, usually about some kind of accomplishment. Primarily used by gamers, spreading rapidly to anyone who chats online Gaming origins: We Owned the Other Team or Wonderful Loot (Everquest gaming slang) 2) To express agreement 3) As an acronym, can mean Waste of Our Time or Way Out of Topic (online forums) Less common. Common usage examples...woot! I got an A on this test. OR Robyn: Eric is such a tool. Let's put packing peanuts in his desk. Stefanie: woot!

And now? Woot is a freaking Internet shopping site, featuring the "Daily Wootcast" bargain! ARGHH!! Does everything need to be about making a buck? The site even claims a trademark/copyright on the word! Give me a break!

This has got to stop, people. What's next? Fart.com as an e-commerce site specializing in cooking gear? Donk-Punch as pornographic real time messaging?

How about just coming up with a real creative term or name for you idea, all on your own? Woot!

On a lighter note, I bottled my next batch of beer last night. Oktoberfest with steeped cinnamon and honey added to it by me. It's quite dark, and the alcohol content would be about 7% I think. We'll see what this tastes like, as it is my first foray off the known recipe reservation. Next up, Classic American Blonde Ale. I've got some molasses and honey to add (either or), maybe I'll get creative...

Here, clean bottles, primed and ready for the beer.

Batch yielded 22 clean bottles, and one questionable trub-fest, shown in the corner with a blacked out cap. Sleep tight! See you in a month!


Steve said...

What's a "trub-fest"?

As annoying as these Web terms can be when they seep into daily language, the etymology is pretty interesting. I had no idea about the origins of "Woot!" I thought it came somehow from "Woo hoo!" which I am guilty of often using myself.

Utahdog! said...

It does! I use WOOT and WOOHOO equally as much...and both probably too much also.

Utahdog! said...

'trub' is a nice way to say 'yeast poo' It is the sediment at the bottom of the fermenter after primary fermenting is completed. I've got my third batch going in the fermenter now, I'll post a picture of the trub.

Steve said...

Hmmmmm...I'm not sure I want to see trub. But by all means, post away!