Monday, March 30, 2009

Ti Build

This weekend I took the TST down from the rafters and built the sucker up. Used the Mavic 217 Sunset/XTR wheel set that I picked up in January (see Jan22nd post), and the black SDG that came a little later on (again, blogged on that fool thing in February.) The rest of the stuff I pretty much had in my stores of goodies. King Headset, Deore DX stuff, Control Tech and a Kona P2 rigid fork.

The NOS Deore DX short cage with about every tacky anodized gee-gaw possible...even an Avid Roll-a-ma-Jig.

Deore LX sidepull brakes. Much better than the Xt or XTR variants from the same "Parallel Push" foolishness.

From the front...showing the Altek brake levers and the Kona P2...which would be swapped out a day later for a different P2...more on that in a bit.

Triumph head badge. This came on a touring three-speed bike that my mom got for me from a friend of hers back when I was maybe 12 or so. The bike had full fenders, and even a rear view mirror. Of course, being that I was 12, I demolished the thing in short order, and nothing survives but the head badge (and a Sturmey-Archer three speed hub and shifter...I kept those too.)

The P2 swap...sidepulls on the front of this bike look like hell to me, so I swapped back on the disc brake P2 and the BB7 brake. Disc on a rigid...neat-o

And of course, I decorated the fork with the logo from my favorite time-sucking website.


Steve said...

I remember that badge! The bike was black, wasn't it?

Utahdog! said...


The Triumph was red and white with lots of chrome. Alot like your Blue Free Spirit three speed from back in the day. The one that introduced your chin to the street.

I sorta miss that old Triumph...:(

my keyword for this post is "elutlint"...As in, "When I wear wooly sweaters my navel bloats with elutlint."

Steve said...

Oh. Well, I guess I don't remember it then. Actually, now that you say it was red, I do. Mom's old bike was black -- I'm getting them confused.

My bike introduced my chin to the street only with YOUR help, please recall.

My word is "suptio," as in "Your elutlint is making me nauseous, so I'm going to take some Pepto Suptio."

Utahdog! said...

word verification...


Which of course everyone knows is the accepted abreviated form of "Stagnastic". As in, Your masculinity is positively Stagnastic!"

How did I contribute to Chin+Bike+Asphalt=Carnage?