Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yeast Poo! Bike (no Poo) and Home Security (some Poo, sometimes...)

Hey...I was asked!

On the top, here in the Mr Beer fermenter, the little yeast colonies doing their thing. On the bottom of the fermenter...Poo! Yeast Poo! AKA 'Trub!'

This shot is about 1 week in to a 2-3 week primary fermenting stage. Mid week next week, this batch of Blond Honey Ale will hit the bottles ('racking'), where it will sit for about 2-3 weeks and complete secondary fermentation and conditioning. Then I'm going to funnel the lot, get plastered and juggle my chainsaws.
The Internet is an amazing place. I would have never known that this was possible without the Internet! Chainsaw Juggling...who knew!?
OK, the home brewing thing, really. Who knew?
Oh, and just in case anyone actually noticed that I haven't commented on being on a bike in a while, don't worry. Beer brewing hasn't supplanted cycling completely... Both last Saturday and the week before, I did the group ride with the Orange Park crew. I also finally got to get back in to the commuting thing this week...what with our strangely Icelandic winter, and the whole no-daylight-savings-time thing finally gone. Now, at long last, the weather is warmer again, and the days are long enough to actually commute with the sun still up. WEEEE!
We also had a security system installed in the house. Never can be too careful, what with unemployment soaring toward 8% nationally. (I never considered an increase from 5% to 8% as "soaring", but who am I to argue with the rocket scientists at CNN?)


Anonymous said...

We have an alarm too. Caroline didn't want it at first but now she loves it. When I am not at home she arms it so she feels safe and protected. She also keeps a gun on the bedside table.

Utahdog! said...

"On" or "In". My daughter precludes "On" and "In". Being a good pops means keeping bad things up high, but yet still in play if faced with the need to give the bad man a piece of candy.