Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's for lunch?


A funky little joint, way out on the north side of town, that specializes in of all things...Taco Salads!

It sure sounds strange, and it gets even stranger when you see the place, a tiny little shop...tiny!

Order your food, and then retire to one of the screened shaded gazebos out back to eat! It's a nice quiet place, surrounded by the growing industrial epicenter of Jacksonville, near the Blount Island Marine Terminal. One of my coworkers needed to do some fieldwork out there, so we combined it with a trip to Cleo's. I've only been out there once, but it was a load of weirdness and fun that is very representative of old Florida and how folks used to live, work and conduct their business, and eat, in Jacksonville back in the day.

The Taco Salads are, truly, "The Best in Town."