Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Booze-Batch #3!

Recipe claims as "Blonde"...well I'm a tacky American male, so I know what that means! Needless to say, I changed the recipe...and needless to say, I added Honey to my Blonde. Blondes are Honeys by shameless stereotype anyway, and one of the other tenets of tacky American male-dom is the propensity to perpetuate shameless stereotypes, (and apparently alliteration!)

So, another batch has been basking in the bottle, bundled up in the blackness of my...cooler, (sorry, ran out of B's). Another batch means another label is needed, and as I'm a shameless hack when it comes to ganking pictures from the web and using them for my own profitlessness, (in addition to being a shameless perpetrator of sexist stereotypes regarding blondes and the tackiness of my maleness), I slithered out onto the Interweb and stumbled upon a suitable solution to my situation.

Behold...Honey Blonde Ale

Friendly FYI...Blogger tries to replace "Profitlessness" with "Preadolescence"...Irony.


Steve Reed said...

That's actually a cool label. You could be a graphic designer!

(Preadolescence could work, too...)

I looked at Masochistic Torture Pants, and I'm a little scared. It wouldn't let me comment, either. My comment just disappeared. I think it went straight to Satan.

utahDOG! said...


word verification..."unded"

Hey, YOU are the one that brought up Satan and "triggered the undead"!

Steve Reed said...

OK, but I didn't build a freakin' ALTAR to him on the Internet!

utahDOG! said...

Good idea, but I bet a blog called "Altar to Satan" probably exists already.

verification..."Hesholop"...As in, "The Minions of the Dark Lord rose up against the pious, their heshelops drawn, unsheathed, and at the ready."

I need to go to church after that one!

utahDOG! said...

Masochistic Torture Pants is DOA. I don't have the time to worship false idols.

word verification..."noccoess", as in, "I'm up to my kneecaps with the daily morass of mundane modern life, such that I barely have time to scratch my noccoess!"