Monday, September 28, 2009

Privacy Fence

The house to the left of me spent the last year in short-sale, and is now fully foreclosed and vacant. The result is that instead of having my air headed but very sweet neighbor over there, I've got overgrown milk weeds and rain trees. Time to screen the ugly.

This is my chain link fence...normally slathered in vines and ferns, which provided some privacy from the ugly next door. Here its stripped bare and awaiting the next phase, skinning with pickets!

The skinning well underway. I sistered a 2x4 board to each of the chain link posts already there and doubled up the 2x4 where it extends above the steel post of the existing fence, which left me with posts roughly 6 feet tall. Then I stick built the fence from the ground up. The little copper caps are solar lighting.

One of the lights. They are really pretty at night, running along the top of the pickets. Not that solar lights can run, but you get the idea.
The fence turned out great if I do say so myself. Now if we can just get that house sold we'll be in business!


Steve said...

I think the solar lights are the best part. I like how they glow that groovy blue color.

Steve said...

(Or was it pink?)

Paul said...

Very cool. Come work on some of my projects.