Monday, September 14, 2009

SDG eBay Heaven

The only thing uglier than an orange EWR is an orange EWR with an orange SDG saddle. I myself am a tremendously hideous man, so you know that since I picked up an orange EWR 8 months ago, I've been orange-SDG-saddle-shopping for the last 8 months!

To the patient comes Ambrosia.

And yes, I plucked the pic straight from the auction, like a Pufferite swipes Twinkies from the Circle-K. *plink!* Ownership.

Now, where did I put those nasty looking orange Oury grips?


Steve Reed said...

Orange isn't a good color on anyone -- or anything. Except possibly a pumpkin.

Paul said...

Now you are just being mean since I have an orange Ewr with orange saddle and grips. Bully!